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Here is a list of all 71 achievements in Asphalt 8: Airborne.

List of Achievements Edit

  • New-Car Smell: Buy a new car.
  • Car Buff: Have 10 cars.
  • Car Enthusiast: Have 20 cars.
  • Car Collector: Have 30 cars.
  • Car Nut: Have 40 cars.
  • King of the Garage: Own all the cars. The aforementioned cars above are excluded from this requirement.
  • Who's Next?: Execute 25 Knockdowns.
  • Knockdown Titan: Execute 100 Knockdowns.
  • The Destroyer: Execute 500 Knockdowns.
  • Baby Steps: Drift 1 mile. 1 mile is equal to 1,760 yd.
  • Burning Rubber: Drift 10 miles. 10 miles is equal to 17,600 yd.
  • Drifting Away: Drift 100 miles. 100 miles is equal to 176,000 yd.
  • High Flier: Total 10 minutes of air time! 10 minutes is equal to 600.00 seconds.
  • Target Acquired: Knock down the same car 5 times in a single race. An easy way to get this achievement is to do Race 31 of Season 8 and knock down the rival as many times as possible when you are about to be overtaken.
  • Nice Guy: Come in last place. Basically, that means to finish a race in last place. It's unknown if this achievement can be unlocked by getting eliminated at last place. Being disqualified does not unlock this achievement.
  • Asphalt Newcomer: Have 100 Stars.
  • Asphalt Aficionado: Have 200 Stars. (This achievement unlocks Season 5)
  • Asphalt Connoisseur: Have 300 Stars.
  • Asphalt Fiend: Have 400 Stars. (This achievement unlocks Season 7)
  • Asphalt Devotee: Have 500 Stars.
  • Asphalt Freak: Have 600 Stars. (This achievement unlocks Season 9)
  • Asphalt Expert: Have 700 Stars.
  • Asphalt Master: Have 800 Stars.
  • Asphalt Grandmaster: Have 900 Stars.
  • First One in the Bag: Beat Season 1.
  • Going for Seconds: Beat Season 2.
  • Third Time's the Charm: Beat Season 3.
  • Four of a Kind: Beat Season 4.
  • High Five!: Beat Season 5.
  • Sixth Sense: Beat Season 6.
  • Lucky Number Seven: Beat Season 7.
  • Eighth Wonder: Beat Season 8.
  • The Finish Line: Complete all seasons. This includes Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Season 4, Season 5, Season 6, Season 7, and Season 8.
  • Show Me the Money: Acquire 10,000 credits during a single race.
  • Chest of Medals: Earn 20 medals during a race.
  • Ghost Hunter: Beat a friend's Ghost Record.
  • Get Connected: Have 1 friend.
  • Handyman: Buy your first car upgrade.
  • A Fine Racing Machine: Fully upgrade one stat of any car.
  • Max Power: Fully upgrade 1 car.
  • To the Max: Fully upgrade 5 cars.
  • Ready to Ride: Fully upgrade 10 cars.
  • Crank it Up: Fully upgrade 20 cars.
  • Ultimate Upgrades: Fully upgrade 30 cars.
  • Ready to Roar: Fully upgrade 40 cars.
  • Fully Armed: Fully upgrade all the cars. The aforementioned cars above are excluded from this requirement.
  • Perfect Nitro!: Perform 50 Perfect Nitro boosts. Doesn't have to be in a single race.
  • Clean Win: Win a race without using Nitro. An ideal way to unlock this achievement would be to do the final race of Season 2 with a Class S car that has a very high top speed (e.g. Hennessey Venom GT) & first race of Season 3 with a Class B car (e.g. DS Survolt).
  • Plugged In: Connect with Facebook / Google+.
  • With Friends Like These...: Knock down a friend.
  • That Showed 'em: Win a race against a friend.
  • Classic Win: Win a Classic Race event.
  • Zombie Survivor: Win an Infected event.
  • Last Man Standing: Win a Knockdown event.
  • Mano a Mano: Win a Versus event.
  • Ahead of the Curve: Win an Elimination event.
  • Drifting through Life: Win a Drift event.
  • Jack of All Trades: Win an event in each game mode.
  • First Blood: Win a Multiplayer match.
  • Earned Your Stripes: Win 10 Multiplayer matches.
  • Seasoned Vet: Win 25 Multiplayer matches.
  • Furious Fifty: Win 50 Multiplayer matches.
  • Centurion: Win 100 Multiplayer matches.
  • Battle-Born: Win 250 Multiplayer matches.
  • Multi Expert: Win 500 Multiplayer matches.
  • King of the Ring: Win 1,000 Multiplayer matches.

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