General info & How to join a team Edit

Teams in Asphalt 8: Airborne and Asphalt Xtreme are unofficial groups of gamers who form groups. For most Teams, prospective members are required to fufill certain requirements, or complete a particular number of laps in a circuit within a set time. Some (outdated?) requirements can be found on RpM_ Venom's YouTube channel along with some suggestions, how to pass a certain clan test.

List of known Teams Edit

  • Speed ​​King ™ (Android)
  • Glory Team™ (iOS, Windows, Android)
  • UERK™ (iOS) Invitation-only.
  • Alpha K:1™ (Android)
  • Titan™ (Android, iOS, Windows)
  • Rⓔd (Android and Windows)
  • NC™ NightCore (Android)[1]
  • AngER™ (Android, iOS, Windows)
  • Z-Warrior™ (Android, iOS, Windows)
  • China™Team (Android) (Chinese clan)
  • Chinese Team (iOS) (Chinese Clan)
  • FUGL (Android, Windows, IOS) invitation only
  • SonicX47 (iOS)
  • AcE (Android, Windows, iOS) (AcE-SoNiC split up)
  • Assassin (iOS) (Chinese Clan)
  • SoNiC (Android, Windows, iOS)
  • Insane Driver's [ID] (Windows) (Spanish clan)
  • 4pda (iOS, Android)
  • GT1™ (All platforms)
  • 1453 (Android and iOS)[2]
  • GT-FãntØmê (Windows)
  • AiR (Android, Windows, IOS)
  • ASL (Invite-Only) (Only Koreans) (Android, iOS)
  • Axis (iOS) (Hacker Clan)
  • KaYs(iOS,Android,Windows)(Japanese Only)
  • Ally(iOS,Android,Windows)(Japanese Only)
  • Aaron (iOS) (Chinese only Clan)
  • Beyond Team (Android, iOS)
  • BlackLizt (Android, iOS, Windows) invitation only.
  • Chaos (iOS) (Chinese Clan)
  • Close (barely any members or inactive) [1]
  • CrazyBra (Brazilian Team)
  • Shadow™ (Android )
  • Dragon (iOS)
  • Driver Garuda (Android, Windows)
  • Driver S (Windows)
  • Driver Tiger™ (Invite-Only, only people from Bangladesh)
  • Elite (Invite-Only, admission closed) (Windows, Android)[2]
  • EAGLE™ (iOS Only) (Invite Only) - Founded by EAGLE_ADITYA
  • Empire™
  • ETMars™ (Downed)
  • FireBall™ (WINDOWS) Founded by Driver FireBall™ Darck Fer
  • Fury (Android, Windows, iOS)
  • GodRaces (Android)
  • Felix (Android)
  • F Team (iOS) (Chinese only Clan) (barely any members or incative)
  • Furious/FuriousTeam (Android)(Downed)
  • Hello (iOS) (Chinese Clan)
  • IND/Indonesian Driver (Only Indonesian) (Android)
  • Iron Chinese (inactive)
  • K-b (iOS - Hackers clan)[3][1] - Consists of some famous Slow Motion Cheaters on iOS including K-b_XYKB (Rogar Guo on Facebook)
  • KingTeam (iOS and Android)
  • Lava (barely any members or inactive) [1]
  • LoopeR (Android)
  • Love (barely any members or inactive) [1]
  • Lykan (iOS) (Chinese Clan)
  • Lynx (Android and iOS) (Japanese only clan)
  • Magician (barely any members or inactive) [1]
  • Masters (Android, iOS and Windows)
  • Master Team (iOS) (Chinese Clan)
  • n00bs (Android, iOS and Windows)
  • SC-(supercar challenge) (Invite-Only, admission closed) (Windows)
  • Smile (iOS) (Chinese Clan)
  • Power (Windows) [1]
  • Pendekar™ (Android and Windows) (Indonesian Clan)
  • Project Team (iOS) (Chinese Clan)
  • Purple Team (Android, iOS and Windows)
  • Razor (Windows, Android and iOS)
  • Return (iOS and Windows) (Chinese clan) (Hackers clan)
  • ReV (iOS, Windows, and Android)
    • BeaSt was evolved from ReV.
  • RoYaL
  • RpM (Android),(iOS), (Windows)
  • RSF (iOS,Android,Windows) (Japanese Only)Founded by Spitze and yuuga
  • ShadowFallen (Windows)
  • Summer (iOS)[3]
  • TWL台灣狼 (iOS, Android, Windows) (Taiwan Clan)(Hackers clan)
  • Winter (iOS) (Chinese only Clan)
  • Born ( only iOS )
  • Blaze (iOS)
  • UniteVn (Windows, Android) (inactive)
  • Viesky (Android, iOS, and Windows) - was formed by Nguyen Ca, now led by Pasan Randeer Bandara
  • Pro Team (Android)
  • Vn-Storm (IOS, Android, and Windows) (Hackers clan)
  • AlepHast (Android) (Beginners) (English and French) [4]
  • ACE™(only Windows)
  • 小牛 (iOS) (Chinese Clan)
  • NeoTM (Windows, iOS, Android)
  • HPA

References Edit

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  2. Elite Official Facebook Page:

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