Like with every other wiki, the Asphalt Wiki has a Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct was created so that everyone can have a good experience at this wiki. Note that this Code of Conduct will be updated regularly as well. There are various rules that any user must follow below.

List of Rules

  • BULLYING / HARASSMENT - Absolutely no bullying or harassment of any kind. Bullying/harassment is defined as targeting someone and degrading them based on their nationality, gender, sexual orientation, religion, interests, sociological factors (spelling, grammar, etc.), psychological state, physical appearance, health state, etc. Threatening another user is a very serious offense and is grounds for a permanent ban. Harassing any admin in any way will also lead to an outright permanent ban. Users are also encouraged to help another user if they get bullied in any way. We've had one anonymous user get banned for the duration of one year just because he harassed a user excessively (in fact, that anonymous user is the first user to be banned here on the wiki).
  • BE POLITE AND/OR HONEST - Be polite and honest. Honesty is the best policy.
  • TREAT PEOPLE THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED - It's that simple: treat others how you want to be treated. Respect them and their opinions. So, please don't go harassing someone for no reason.
  • PROFANITY / DEROGATORY LANGUAGE - Avoid using too much derogatory or profane language.
  • LANGUAGE / DIALECTS - This is an English-language wiki, so please speak English (if you can). If you are skilled in speaking English and another language, feel free to do so, but first, post in that language, then post in English below it. That way, we can clearly understand. Also, avoid using Google Translate for translating anything, as it is inaccurate!
  • SPAM - No spamming anything of any kind. It's no good here and users will frown upon spamming.
  • SOCK PUPPETRY - Please refrain from "sock puppeting". Sock puppetry is the use of an alternate account, usually for avoiding a ban, and is not allowed here.
  • LINKS - Avoid putting in illegal or otherwise unsuitable links. These include, but are NOT limited to: shock sites, pornographic content, NSFW images, piracy sites, and any other sites that lead to illegal content of any kind. Also, please avoid using "" as it hides the site the link leads into because you'll never know whether or not it's an illegal content-filled website! However, putting your favorite YouTube videos onto your userpage (e.g. this YouTube video) is okay.
  • FLAME WARS - Never start or participate in any flame war of any kind. Flame wars shall be taken care of when an admin sees them. Users have the right to notify admins via chat or message wall about any ongoing flame wars on this wiki.
  • EDITING - See Asphalt Wiki Editing Guidelines for more info. Remember, editing another user's userpage without their permission is strictly prohibited.
  • REGISTRATION - Users are recommended to register accounts here at this wiki; anonymous users are NOT allowed to edit pages, upload files, or even post comments. This rule shall be enforced once one of our users becomes an admin.
  • UNWRITTEN RULES - Just because one rule isn't listed here, that does not really mean you can break it all you want. Admins have the right to warn or block any user for acting in a way that is clearly inappropriate but is not listed in the Code of Conduct.

Progressive Discipline System

  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Offenses - The user is warned, with the warnings becoming sterner for each subsequent offense.
  • 4th Offense - The user is blocked for a certain period of time, ranging from one whole day to two weeks.
  • Any Subsequent Offenses - The user is either blocked for one year, or blocked indefinitely.

The admins here reserve the right to skip steps and block any user indefinitely if they feel that the offending user has harassed any of the admins.

Questions or Suggestions?

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to post them in the comments.

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