The BMW M2 Coupé (F87) is the flagship model of the BMW 2-Series.

Overview Edit

In October 2015, BMW revealed the new flagship 2-Series, the M2. It is an indirect successor to the 1-Series M Coupé. The M2 Coupé will begin production in late 2015 and go on sale in the UK in April 2016, and its world debut was at the 2016 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The car is powered by the BMW N55 engine, tuned for 370 PS (272 kW; 365 bhp). With the 6-speed manual gearbox, the M2 will accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 4.5 seconds, or 4.3 seconds if equipped with the 7-speed DCT automatic. The top speed is electronically limited to 250 km/h (155 mph), but the limiter can be raised to 270 km/h (168 mph) as an option. Although a convertible M2 is rumored for production, only a coupé variant has been confirmed.

Asphalt 8: Airborne Edit

Summary Edit

The BMW M2 Coupé, renamed to simply BMW M2, was added in the Championship Update and was the only car of the update to have been given away for free.

The BMW M2, a high-mid Class C Elite Car, has a starting rank of 932 (shared with the Honda S2000), a MAX rank of 1304, and a MAX+PRO rank of 1505. Elite Tuning can tune the car to 1522. It receives a Tuning Kit bonus of +67, giving a legitimate maximum 1589.

Because of its huge rank increase from stock to MAX+PRO and its low raw top speed rank weighting, the BMW M2 can become a great Multiplayer car.

Performance Edit

The BMW M2 has very high total/raw top speed, decent nitro, very good nitro efficiency (5/10/15), decent acceleration, decent drifting, and poor handling.

The BMW M2 has a distribution between top speed and nitro that mirrors that of the Range Rover Evoque Coupe HSE Dynamic and Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe, which both also have 5/10/15 nitro efficiencies. However, if used in Multiplayer, the BMW M2 benefits far more from a raw top speed-based tune, as opposed to a dual speed-based tune (raw top speed + nitro), unlike the other two Class C cars, which can be optimal for Multiplayer if tuned towards either statistic (or both). This is because it has a 40% weighting on raw top speed and a 30% weighting on nitro, but gains much more speed from raw top speed when compared to nitro.

Despite having poor handling, especially with no handling upgrades, the BMW M2 has good drifting. Of course, it's drifting is nowhere near as sharp as the Evoque's, which has even worse handling than the BMW M2. However, the BMW M2's drifting does give it a significant advantage against the Shelby Cobra 427, Chevrolet 2016 Camaro SS and TVR Sagaris in Multiplayer, all of which suffer greatly with drifting. Also, the BMW M2's nitro efficiency mirrors that of the Evoque, GLC Coupe, and Camaro SS, instead of that of the Cobra and Sagaris (7/12/17), so the BMW M2 does have a significant advantage over those two cars on maps with few nitro pickups and ramps, as well as long stretches. However, the Cobra and Sagaris can partially negate this downside with an Extra Tank.

In terms of acceleration, the BMW M2's is far superior to the Camaro SS' and GLC Coupe's, slightly superior to the Evoque's, and slightly inferior to the Cobra's and Sagaris'. However, since those two cars also have worse drifting and nitro efficiency, their superior acceleration is essentially there to level the playing field.

Usage (Multiplayer) Edit

The BMW M2 is commonly used in Multiplayer. Technically, it could be viewed as the tied 2nd best car with the Cobra, at a rank near 1250. This rank leaves the Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG Special Edition as the best car by a huge margin, although it is quite rare. However, the BMW M2 is actually NOT as good as the Cobra, purely because it can only be used 3-4 times, due to being an Elite Car. However, in terms of performance, it is very close to the Cobra. The BMW M2 is also superior to the Sagaris and can be superior to the Camaro SS at 1250, though it becomes inferior to the Cobra, Camaro SS and Sagaris at ranks 1300+ (also at 1270+, due to bad matchmaking). At 1100-1200, the BMW M2 is superior to the Cobra, though these ranks offer extremely poor matchmaking, and should be avoided if the player wishes to reach Champion League.

Notably, the BMW M2 is a free car, while the Cobra is a rare Mastery car. Also, the Cobra is not Elite, so it is almost always used at a rank of 1234 (0500 5050), 1245 (0501 5050), 1262 (0502 5050), or 1285 (0503 5050). The BMW M2, on the other hand, is commonly used anywhere between ranks 1050-1400, with the highest concentration being at 1180-1220. However, matchmaking at 1180-1220 often results in the BMW M2 being matched against higher-ranked BMW M2s (due to the sheer commonness of the BMW M2 and its lack of a "popular" tune) or, even worse, Cobras at 1220-1234. Therefore, it is a better idea to tune the BMW M2 high enough to fight Cobras within their territory, at the ~1250 rank.

Interestingly, the BMW M2 is faster than the Evoque and GLC Coupe almost exactly at a rank past 1100, and slower than the two cars almost exactly at a rank below 1100. Therefore, it's not a good idea to tune the BMW M2 below 1100, especially because there is a small handful of Porsche 959 users active at that rank, and they are slightly faster than Evoques and GLC Coupes, with very good acceleration. The BMW M2 can be tuned to 1120-1130, on the other hand, where it has a good chance of facing high numbers of lower-tuned Evoques and some GLC Coupes. However, this rank can result in bad matchmaking, as stated earlier.

Overall, the BMW M2 is possibly most powerful at the tune of 0504 5050 0800, at rank 1256, which results in a total top speed of 246.7 mph (397.3 km/h). This speed is slightly inferior to the 1234 Cobra's speed of 247.8 mph (399.0 km/h), to the 1245 Cobra's speed of 249.4 mph (401.6 km/h), to the 1262 Cobra's speed of 251.5 mph (405.0 km/h), and to the 1285 Cobra's speed of 254.1 mph (409.3 km/h). However, the Cobra does have a disadvantage on long maps (if an Extra Tank is not being used) or on short and twisty maps.

Even though the Cobra's drifting can sometimes be overcome with skill, often, it's simply impossible to do so, such as on the tight and long curve at the beginning of Sector 8 Reverse (the effect is not as bad with regular Sector 8, since the curve is at the end) or at the crossroads of Dubai (more so on the non-reversed version, and with ramps only). Other maps have similar but less severe effects, such as Nevada Reverse (the tunnel at the beginning), Venice (the bus depot and the section after the train tracks), Tenerife (the beginning of Mount Teide), Iceland (the first split in the track on the regular version, + the caves), Barcelona Reverse (the turn at the end), Alps (the turn after the bridges), Azure Coast (the hairpin turns), The Great Wall, and San Diego Harbor (which is more than half of the maps in the game). With very high skill, an Extra Tank, and constant use of level-3 nitro, the Cobra can be driven on most of these tracks fairly well, apart from Dubai and Sector 8 Reverse. However, the Cobra does have a huge tendency to skid, while the BMW M2 doesn't. Also, if a Cobra wrecks just once, a BMW M2 can easily maintain the lead in the race.

Despite all of this, the BMW M2 is still inferior to the Cobra, purely because of its Elite status hindering usage. The BMW M2 can only be used 3-4 times (or up to 8 times if free tune-up ads are watched), meaning that the player often needs to use the BMW M2 in conjunction with another Multiplayer Car (unless they want to pay A8Tokens for tune-ups), such as the BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage, Camaro SS, or Evoque.

Usage (TLEs) Edit

The BMW M2 can become quite fast with a MAX + PRO + 0808 ET setup, being around as fast as the Mitsubishi Eclipse. It is also the top car in the mid Class C TLE bracket, beating the Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG, Acura NSX 2005, SRT 2013 Dodge Challenger SRT8, and Jaguar F-Type R. However, most people prefer to Multiplayer tune the BMW M2.

Price Edit

Tune-ups cost A8Credits 1,750 and take 2 hours to complete.

The car costs A8Tokens 2,150 to purchase. As of the Car Blueprints Update, the BMW M2 is assemblable with 30 BMW M2 BP cards. The BMW M2 costs A8Credits 1,338,700 to MAX and A8Credits 622,850 to PRO. It uses 8 Mid-Techs and 4 i6 Engine cards in its PRO upgrades.

  • The car was given away for free in the Holiday Cup or Giveaway Cup to those who played every day in the cups and achieved all 21 trophies.
  • The car was given away to players who came third in any race + finished in the top 7000 + achieved 5000 total points in the 2017 Asphalt 8 Anniversary Cup 3-days long multiplayer event.

Asphalt Streetstorm Edit


The BMW M2 Coupé appears in Asphalt Streetstorm as a Class C car purchasable for 460 Diamonds. This section of an article is missing some information. Please try to add some relevant content.

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