Credits are the most commonly used currency in the Asphalt series, replacing the Cash used in Asphalt 7: Heat and being replaced by Dollars ($) in Asphalt Street Storm Racing.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Credits reward

The only currency in the game until the inclusion of Tokens with the 2014 Winter update, Credits are a fundamental element of the game, being the primary way to purchase in-game objects without having to spend real money, since Tokens are much harder to obtain. Credits can be won by finishing races, winning Time-Limited Events, completing vehicle collections or purchasing credit packs. Credits earned at the end of races can also be increased by the Double Credits booster, completing Bonus Star Requirements and the Daily Bonus multiplier.

Items bought with Credits

  • A majority of the cars in the game are purchasable with credits. As of the Elite Cars Update, several have the option of paying with either currency.
  • The Decals Update also introduced customizable decals you can buy for cars (hence the name), many of which can be purchased with credits.
  • The Super Racer Kit Box is the only Pro Box that is purchasable with credits.
  • The Upgrades and Pro Kits for each vehicle are purchasable with credits. As of the Lunar New Year Update, several of the subsequent cars have the option of paying with either currency for MAX Upgrades.
  • As of June 26th, 2017, a fourth Exclusive Deal is purchasable using credits.

Credit Packs

Credit Packs

Credit packs are an in-app purchase that provides the player a set amount of credits in exchange for real money. While the price for a pack increases for a bigger payout, the larger packs are overall of more value as the player gains a larger amount for a reduced money → credits cost ratio. With the Rio de Janeiro Update, each credit pack will also award the player with VIP points for the VIP system.

  1. Rookie Credit Pack: A8Credits 30,000 & 200 VIP points
  2. Driver Credit Pack: A8Credits 80,000 & 500 VIP points
  3. Pilot Credit Pack: A8Credits 175,000 & 1,000 VIP points
  4. Pro Credit Pack: A8Credits 420,000 & 2,000 VIP points
  5. Champion Credit Pack: A8Credits 1,200,000 & 5,000 VIP points
  6. Master Credit Pack: A8Credits 3,000,000 & 10,000 VIP points

Transferability with Tokens

There is no official conversion rate between credits and tokens in Asphalt 8: Airborne. A token is worth A8Credits 138 on average and at the most, A8Credits 312. This is only an estimate as the amount of in-game tokens received for an equivalent value of credits depends largely on what you purchased.

In general, the lower the credit/token ratio of the car price is, the more economical it would be to purchase the car with credits instead of tokens. Due to the scarcity and high value of tokens to most players, it is usually a better choice to purchase item with credits and save the tokens for other uses.

Obtaining Credits

While every race in the game (except for Quick Solo Race and failed Flawless races) has a Credits payout, the fastest method of earning credits is with Season 9: Beyond or Car Mastery Challenge #14/#15 events, preferably on short tracks such as San Diego Harbor, Alps, Dubai, Rio de Janeiro, Munich Subway, and some layouts of The Great Wall. Listed below are the currently most proficient cars at Credits-grinding at Challenge 15.

Car Track Race Type Base Payout (A8Credits ) Avg. Race Length (s) Avg. A8Credits per Hour
McLaren MP4-31 Dubai Flawless A8Credits 6,300 44 A8Credits 365,625
Weber Faster One The Mirage Flawless A8Credits 6,000 46 A8Credits 338,182
McLaren 675LT Dubai Reverse Unplugged A8Credits 6,085 47 A8Credits 337,702
Pagani Huayra BC The London Eye Unplugged A8Credits 6,135 49 A8Credits
GT by CITROEN The London Eye Flawless A8Credits 6,185 49 A8Credits 333,130
McLaren F1 XP-5 Dubai Reverse Unplugged A8Credits 5,805 46 A8Credits 327,546
McLaren Mercedes MP4-25 Alps Unplugged A8Credits 5,895 48 A8Credits 322,677
Bentley EXP10 Speed 6 Alps Reverse Unplugged A8Credits 6,060 50 A8Credits 321,943
W Motors Lykan HyperSport Dubai Unplugged A8Credits 5,950 49 A8Credits 320,870
SSC Tuatara The London Eye Unplugged A8Credits 5,975 50 A8Credits 317,572
Koenigsegg Agera R Alps Reverse Unplugged A8Credits 5,975 54 A8Credits 300,406
BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage San Diego Harbor Flawless A8Credits 5,795 52 A8Credits 299,750
RUF CTR 3 San Diego Harbor Flawless A8Credits 5,895 55 A8Credits 292,560
Lamborghini Veneno Alps Flawless A8Credits 5,845 55 A8Credits 290,160
Sbarro Alcador San Diego Harbor Flawless A8Credits 5,790 55 A8Credits 287,520

While racing with boosters (Nitro Starter & Tuning Kit) will reduce the race duration, it is more detrimental than going un-boosted as the additional cost for 1 hour of usage will outweigh the increased profit for an overall loss in credit accumulation (assuming that the boosters were not purchased through Exclusive Deals, earned via Time Limited Events or completing Collections).[1]

The Lamborghini Veneno should be used as the first stepping stone in credits grinding as it only costs
A8Credits 861,774 to buy and MAX PRO and does not require Engine Cards in its Pro Kits.

While the 2015 GTA Spano has comparable profitability to the cars mentioned above, this is rendered impractical with its paywall restriction and Elite Car status with tune-ups for it taking 2 hours and 30 minutes to complete.

As previously mentioned, completing certain Collections in the game will award the player with a credit reward. Listed below are all of the collections with a credit reward.

Collection Reward MAX Reward
Ion Runners A8Credits 17,000 A8Credits 60,000
U.S. Monsters A8Credits 45,000 A8Credits 150,000
Audi A8Credits 9,000 A8Credits 50,000
New Blood A8Credits 100,000 A8Credits 215,000
GT Club A8Credits 125,000 A8Credits 500,000
Winter is gone A8Credits 200,000 A8Credits 750,000
Red Stallions A8Credits 350,000 A8Credits 700,000
Hot Summer A8Credits 325,000 A8Credits 800,000
Chevrolet A8Credits 150,000 N/A
McLaren A8Credits 500,000 A8Credits 1,000,000
Running of the Bulls A8Credits 250,000 A8Credits 1,000,000
Japanese Dragons A8Credits 225,000 A8Credits 750,000
European Collection A8Credits 350,000 N/A
Mercedes A8Credits 400,000 A8Credits 850,000
BMW N/A A8Credits 675,000
Top Tier N/A A8Credits 1,200,000
Bolides A8Credits 700,000 N/A
Gran Turismo N/A A8Credits 1,000,000
Total A8Credits 3,746,000 A8Credits 9,700,000