Ruf Automobile GmbH is a German car manufacturer in Asphalt 3: Street Rules, Asphalt 4: Elite Racing, Asphalt 7: Heat, Asphalt 8 Airborne and Asphalt Nitro


The company was founded in 1939 in Pfaffenhausen, Germany as "Auto Ruf" by Alois Ruf Sr. as a service garage and was eventually expanded to include a full-service gas station in 1949. Ruf began experimenting with vehicle designs of his own in the late 1940s, and in 1955 designed and built a tour bus, which he marketed around Germany. The positive response it received led to Ruf expanding his business again by starting his own separately owned bus company.

Ruf debuted their first complete model in 1977, a tuned version of Porsche's 930 with a stroked 3.3 litre motor. This was followed in 1978 by Ruf's first complete non-turbo Porsche, the 911 SCR. It was a naturally aspirated 911 with a stroked 3.2 litre motor producing 217 horsepower. Numerous customer orders were placed for this vehicle.

In the years since, the company has made a major mark on the automotive world by producing exceptionally powerful and exclusive Porsche-based production models including the 1987 Ruf CTR, which achieved a top speed of 211 mph in April 1987 and set the record as the world's fastest production car for its time, in 1988 it even reached 213 mph (342 km/h). Its successor, the 1995 Ruf CTR2, achieved 217 mph(349 km/h), surpassing the Jaguar XJ220's 213 mph record, and just like the original CTR, the CTR2 was recognised as the 2nd fastest road-legal production car available anywhere in the world in the 1990s, only 2nd to the McLaren F1, but for a fraction of the price.

In April 2007, Ruf released the new CTR3 to celebrate the company's new plant in Bahrain, and as a 20th anniversary celebration of the original CTR and successor to the CTR2. In 2010 Geneva Motor Show, Ruf also showcased the RGT-8, the first production V8-powered 911 in history.


Year Model Image Appearances
2004 RT 12 ImagePlaceholder Asphalt 3: Street Rules
2005 RGT Ruf rgt asphalt 4 Asphalt 4: Elite Racing
2012 CTR 3 RUF CTR 3 stock Asphalt 7: Heat
Asphalt 8: Airborne
2012 RT 12 S A8 RT 12 S stats (S) Asphalt 7: Heat
Asphalt 8: Airborne
Asphalt Nitro


  • As of the Porsche Update, the RUF cars are no longer obtainable. This means that the Euro Aces (RT 12S) and German Steel (RUF cars) are now impossible to complete.
    • Seasons 7 and 8 of the Career mode are also now impossible to fully complete, as there are races requiring RUF vehicles (CTR 3 in Season 7 and RT 12 S in Season 8, as well as a RUF-only Knockdown race and two Versus races involving the CTR 3 and RT 12 S, in which races must be won using the RUFs to fully receive five stars, in Season 8).
    • This happened till the Munich Update, where the RT 12 S & CTR 3 got replaced with Mazzanti Evantra & McLaren F1 XP-5 in Seasons 7 & 8.
    • The cars and career events together means that the achievements "A is for Awesome" (for RT 12 S), "S is for Superior" (for CTR 3), "King of the Garage" (RUF cars), "Fully Armed" (RUF cars), "Lucky Number Seven", "The Eighth Wonder", and especially "The Finish Line" are no longer obtainable.
      • The 9FF GT9 VMAX and Rinspeed zaZen were also affected in the same update
      • It is stated that the Porsche "clones" (i.e. the RUFs, the zaZen, and 9FF) were removed from sale due to license obligations from Porsche, who does not want their "clone" vehicles appearing together in one game.
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