San Diego Harbor, officially known as the Port of San Diego, is a self-supporting public-benefit corporation established in 1962 by an act of the California State Legislature; it is located on San Diego Bay in southwestern San Diego County, California. It is also the third location added with a update in the Asphalt series, introduced in the September 2014 San Diego Harbor Update for Asphalt 8: Airborne.

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San Diego Harbor is set in a naval base area, evidenced by the presence of various fighter jets and aircraft carriers. Additionally, military vehicles like tanks and armored trucks replace the traditional traffic vehicles present in other locations in the game. Still, in spite of the fact that they look heavier they are easily traffic controlled or downed.

The San Diego Harbor tracks are among the shortest tracks in the game, alongside Dubai and Rio de Janeiro; they are 2.801 mi (4.509 km) long. The San Diego harbor tracks zip through the naval base area, through hangars, industrial buildings, and cargo containers, as well as actually going in and on aircraft carriers.

Area 51 also features both military vehicles and civilian vehicles.

The San Diego Harbor location has two tracks:

  • San Diego Harbor - Regular version. Normally, cars like the Ford F-150, nanoFlowcell QUANT FE, Ford 2006 GT, and Tesla Model S struggle with this track.
  • San Diego Harbor Rev. - A reversed version of the regular track with a different starting point. In the middle of the track (first lap only), the player must watch out for an incoming fighter jet that flies by at very high speeds and can wreck the player's vehicle. This is especially dangerous for faster cars as they may jump higher and wreck more easily.

The following cars have their banners depicted in San Diego Harbor:

  • Cars with very high rates of acceleration and sharp handling are recommended here.
Asphalt 8 - C7 1543 (San Diego Rev. GLITCH) 57

Asphalt 8 - C7 1543 (San Diego Rev. GLITCH) 57.552

Glitch at 0:55

The San Diego Harbor location was infamous for featuring a glitch near the end of each track that would cause the player to be teleported up further ahead, causing shorter lap times than if the player had done the track normally. This later became the base of the Wormhole feature and another glitch in Sector 8.

The glitches in the San Diego Harbor location were fixed in the Winter Update.

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Asphalt 8: Airborne
  • San Diego Harbor has the third longest unplayable appearance in Quick Solo Race, lasting for five updates (excluding the More Than 300 Decals Update) since its debut. It was finally made playable in the Summer's Over Update.
  • In the Porsche Update, the pre-race cinematic text for San Diego Harbor Rev. now refer to the track as simply San Diego.
  • The Abelion Corporation runs operations in both San Diego Harbor and French Guiana. In San Diego Harbor, it co-owns much of the military hardware, the shipyard and one of the huge warehouses. In French Guiana, it owns the white spherical water tanks which feature in some pre-race screens and are seen near the satellite dish array. It also has a logo underneath the launch pad for the Ariane 5 Rocket in partnership with the C.L.G.I. Corporation.
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