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A8 RS01 v2.7 prices

A token-purchasable car, the Renault Sport R.S. 01.

Tokens (A8Tokens or ANTokens ) are a measure of hard currency currently used since Asphalt 8: Airborne. Introduced in the Winter Update, they can be obtained through Events, in-game advertisements (at a rate of A8Tokens 2 per 15~30 second ad), in-game purchase in the form of token packs, as a Mastery Reward for certain cars, completing Daily Tasks, as a Multiplayer League level up bonus, and as a Multiplayer League points reward.

Tokens are represented as blue 3D pentagonal coins marked with an "A", the same "A" that is used in the Asphalt series logo.

Token-bought items

  • There are many cars that can be bought with tokens, and as of the Decals Update, many cars that were previously only available for real-life cash became available for sale as Token cars. With the Elite Cars Update, several previously credits only cars are now also purchasable with tokens.
  • The Decals Update also introduced purchasable decals for cars (hence the name), many of which can be purchased with tokens.
  • In addition to cars, the Double Credits, Extra Tank, Absolute Armor, Nitro Recharger, and Boosted Wheels require tokens to buy.
  • All pro kit boxes, with the exception of the Super Racer Kit Box, are bought with tokens.
  • The proto keys from Research & Development can be restored for A8Tokens 5 - 150.
    • If the main goal from a test in an R&D event is failed, the quality checks earned can be kept by spending some tokens.
    • Tokens can be used to unlock a Lab in R&D or Auto-Test a test, bypassing it.
  • Elite Cars' conditions can be instantly restored.
  • Enduro Double Down:
    • The Invites can be paid tokens to be instantly delivered.
    • The Double Down bonus until the first Ace Racer costs A8Tokens 50.
    • Choosing to bank Enduro Points and continue with the Double Down bonus costs tokens. The amount charged increases the closer the player is towards the final Tier.
    • Race re-rolls cost A8Tokens 25.
    • A failed race has a tokens option to redo the race without losing any unbanked EP or starting the challenge again from the start.
    • Tokens can be used to auto-pass a challenge.
  • Choosing to save up Multiplayer League points while keeping the risk bonus multiplier costs A8Tokens 100
    • Unsaved points can be recovered for A8Tokens 200 if the player loses a ranked race.
  • A refill, costing between A8Tokens 7 - 65 is available for the fuel bar in the events section. The amount to be paid is A8Tokens 6.5 per fuel segment to be refilled and is rounded up to a whole number of tokens.
  • The Upgrades for several cars are purchasable with tokens as of the Lunar New Year Update.
  • In Championships, locations can be auto-unlocked with tokens.
    • Tokens can also be used to bypass goals, either directly on the Championship main screen or if the goal is failed.
    • Tokens can also be used to refill Tires. A maximum of A8Tokens 150 can be spent.
  • Blueprint-unlockable cars can be instantly built with tokens. The price to instantly assemble, just like with R&D Proto Keys, EDD Invitations, and Championship Tires, decreases over time.
  • Several Exclusive Deals are purchasable with tokens.

Token Packs

  • Note the pre v3.2 Ad offer
  • The Tokens Pass Subscription

Token packs are an in-app purchase that provides the player a set amount of tokens in exchange for real money. While the price for a pack increases for a bigger payout, the larger packs are overall of more value as the player gains a larger amount for a reduced money → tokens cost ratio. With the
Rio de Janeiro Update, each token pack will also award the player with VIP points for the VIP System.

A Tokens Pass Subscription is also available for certain players/regions and gives a total of A8Tokens 3,000, A8Tokens 600 more than a Mountain of Tokens for the price of a Hoard of Tokens. The catch is that the player has to log-in to the game every day for a consecutive 30 times with each log-in awarding A8Tokens 100.

The Token Pass Subscription has since been updated to now give a total of A8Tokens 6,600; A8Tokens 220 per day at a price between the Mountain and Truckload of Tokens option.

  1. Handful of Tokens: A8Tokens 200 & 200 VIP points
  2. Stack of Tokens: A8Tokens 525 & 500 VIP points
  3. Hoard of Tokens: A8Tokens 1,100 & 1,000 VIP points
  4. Mountain of Tokens: A8Tokens 2,400 & 2,000 VIP points.
  5. Tokens Pass Subscription: A8Tokens 6,600 & 2,500 VIP points
  6. Truckload of Tokens: A8Tokens 6,500 & 5,000 VIP points.
  7. Vault of Tokens: A8Tokens 15,000 & 10,000 VIP points.

Anniversary Coins

Available only during the 5th Anniversary event, Anniversary Coins can be purchased as part of any Tokens or Credits pack.

  1. Handful of Tokens: 150 Coins
  2. Stack of Tokens: 350 Coins
  3. Hoard of Tokens: 675 Coins
  4. Mountain of Tokens: 1,200 Coins
  5. Truckload of Tokens: 2,625 Coins
  6. Vault of Tokens: 3,750 Coins

Transferability with Credits

There is no official conversion rate between tokens and Credits in Asphalt 8: Airborne. A token is worth A8Credits 138 on average, and at most, A8Credits 341. This is only an estimate, as the number of in-game tokens received for an equivalent value of credits depends largely on what you purchased.

In general, the lower the credit/token ratio of the car price is, the more economical it would be to purchase the car with credits instead of tokens. Due to the scarcity and high value of tokens to most players, it is usually a better choice to purchase an item with credits and save the tokens for other uses.

Vehicle/Item Cost Value
Rookie Credit Pack / Handful of Tokens US$1.99 A8Credits 30,000
A8Tokens 200
150 Credits per Token
Driver Credit Pack / Stack of Tokens US$4.99 A8Credits 80,000
A8Tokens 525
152 Credits per Token
Pilot Credit Pack / Hoard of Tokens US$9.99 A8Credits 175,000
A8Tokens 1,100
159 Credits per Token
Pro Credit Pack / Mountain of Tokens US$19.99 A8Credits 420,000
A8Tokens 2,400
175 Credits per Token
Champion Credit Pack / Truckload of Tokens US$49.99 A8Credits 1,200,000
A8Tokens 6,500
185 Credits per Token
Master Credit Pack / Vault of Tokens US$99.99 A8Credits 3,000,000
A8Tokens 15,000
200 Credits per Token
Suzuki GSX-R750 A8Credits 30,000 or A8Tokens 200 150 Credits per Token
Volkswagen Beetle Turbo A8Credits 26,000 or A8Tokens 180 144 Credits per Token
Ferrari 308 GTS A8Credits 120,000 or A8Tokens 1,100 109 Credits per Token
Mazda RX-8 A8Credits 325,000 or A8Tokens 1,850 175 Credits per Token
Buick Avista Concept A8Credits 425,000 or A8Tokens 2,400 177 Credits per Token
Range Rover Evoque Coupe HSE Dynamic A8Credits 125,000 or A8Tokens 525 238 Credits per Token
Acura NSX 2005 A8Credits 90,000 or A8Tokens 750 120 Credits per Token
Felino cB7 A8Credits 250,000 or A8Tokens 2,100 119 Credits per Token
Lamborghini Miura A8Credits 325,000 or A8Tokens 2,100 154 Credits per Token
Mitsubishi Eclipse A8Credits 395,000 or A8Tokens 2,300 171 Credits per Token
Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG Racing Series A8Credits 495,000 or A8Tokens 2,400 206 Credits per Token
DS Survolt A8Credits 45,000 or A8Tokens 250 180 Credits per Token
Chevrolet SS A8Credits 425,000 or A8Tokens 3,500 121 Credits per Token
TVR Sagaris A8Credits 930,000 or A8Tokens 3,950 235 Credits per Token
Ferrari GTC4Lusso A8Credits 765,000 or A8Tokens 4,325 176 Credits per Token
2010 Bentley Continental Supersports A8Credits 975,000 or A8Tokens 4,925 197 Credits per Token
Ferrari LaFerrari A8Credits 235,000 or A8Tokens 1,975 118 Credits per Token
Volkswagen W12 A8Credits 475,000 or A8Tokens 3,450 137 Credits per Token
Mosler GT3 A8Credits 985,000 or A8Tokens 5,325 184 Credits per Token
Jaguar XJ220S A8Credits 1,275,000 or A8Tokens 5,975 213 Credits per Token
Koenigsegg Agera R A8Credits 425,000 or A8Tokens 2,375 178 Credits per Token
SSC Tuatara A8Credits 950,000 or A8Tokens 4,750 200 Credits per Token
Renault Sport R.S. 01 A8Credits 1,950,000 or A8Tokens 9,925 196 Credits per Token
Mosler Land Shark A8Credits 2,250,000 or A8Tokens 10,975 205 Credits per Token
TRION NEMESIS A8Credits 3,275,000 or A8Tokens 13,975 234 Credits per Token
Devel Sixteen Prototype A8Credits 4,950,000 or A8Tokens 14,500 341 Credits per Token

Obtaining Tokens

Unlike credits, tokens are only obtainable as an Event or Car Mastery reward. Listed below are all of the cars with a car mastery tokens reward

Model Race Amount
Peugeot RCZ R 5 A8Tokens 75
Alfa Romeo Giulietta 2016 Veloce 10 A8Tokens 75
Mazda RX-8 5 A8Tokens 100
nanoFlowcell QUANTINO 5 A8Tokens 75
Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe 5 A8Tokens 70
BMW M2 5 A8Tokens 75
McLaren M14A 5 A8Tokens 125
Mitsubishi Eclipse 5 A8Tokens 125
Jaguar F-TYPE Project 7 5 A8Tokens 125
Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG Racing Series 10 A8Tokens 250
Renault Alpine Celebration 10 A8Tokens 275
Peugeot SR1 10 A8Tokens 100
McLaren MP4/8 5 A8Tokens 150
TVR Sagaris 10 A8Tokens 150
Lamborghini Estoque 10 A8Tokens 120
BXR Bailey Blade GT1 10 A8Tokens 120
Mercedes-AMG GT3 10 A8Tokens 150
Lotus Evora Sport 410 10 A8Tokens 150
Mazzanti Evantra 5 A8Tokens 85
Mercedes-AMG C 63 Coupe Touring Car 2014 5 A8Tokens 150
Chevrolet Corvette C3 10 A8Tokens 200
McLaren Mercedes MP4-25 10 A8Tokens 200
Bentley EXP10 Speed 6 10 A8Tokens 75
Icona Vulcano V12 Hybrid 5 A8Tokens 150
Chevrolet 2016 Camaro SS 10 A8Tokens 200
Jaguar XJ220S 10 A8Tokens 150
BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage 5 A8Tokens 200
Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG Special Edition 5 A8Tokens 225
Aston Martin One-77 5 A8Tokens 250
McLaren 720S A8Tokens 250
SSC Tuatara 5 A8Tokens 60
nanoFlowcell QUANT FE 10 A8Tokens 200
Chrysler ME412 5 A8Tokens 50
Peugeot Onyx 5 A8Tokens 60
SSC Ultimate Aero XT 10 A8Tokens 150
Hennessey Venom GT 10 A8Tokens 120
Lamborghini Egoista 10 A8Tokens 150
Koenigsegg One:1 10 A8Tokens 150
Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren 722 Edition 10 A8Tokens 300
McLaren F1 XP-5 10 A8Tokens 200
9FF GT9 VMAX 5 A8Tokens 150
Weber Faster One 5 A8Tokens 200
Ferrari Enzo Ferrari 5 A8Tokens 75
Mosler Super GT 10 A8Tokens 200
HTT Pléthore LC 750 10 A8Tokens 175
Porsche 918 Spyder with Weissach Package 10 A8Tokens 375
W Motors Fenyr Supersport 10 A8Tokens 300
McLaren P1™ GTR 10 A8Tokens 200
Arrinera Hussarya GT 5 A8Tokens 200
TRION NEMESIS 10 A8Tokens 300
Aston Martin Vulcan 10 A8Tokens 300
Arash AF10 10 A8Tokens 500
McLaren MP4-31 5 & 10 A8Tokens 725
(225 from #5, 500 from #10)
Apollo Intensa Emozione 10 A8Tokens 400
Total A8Tokens 9,985


In the Research & Development Update, any car that was normally sold for tokens/licenses would end up selling for the same price, but in credits. This would normally happen under a weak Wi-Fi/mobile data connection. An example of this would be the McLaren P1™ GTR selling for the price of an Aston Martin DB9 Coupé (A8Credits 14,500).

In the Multiplayer League Update, the Chevrolet Corvette C3's tenth Mastery Challenge was bugged, seemingly awarding A8Tokens 12,550.

Asphalt 9: Legends

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