Traffic vehicles are non-playable NPC vehicles that appear in the Asphalt games. Traffic often varies between different games and maps.

Asphalt 8: Airborne Edit

Traffic appears in all maps, with the exception of French Guiana, Sector 8 and most recently, London and Iceland. They also usually don't appear in Elimination, Infected, Gate Drift and Multiplayer events. Unlike the player-controlled cars, Traffic vehicles cannot think or move by themselves. If they stray from their course or are knocked down they will eventually re-spawn at their starting point. If racers aren't careful, however, they may crash into Traffic, causing their car to wreck. Destroying Traffic completely is called Traffic Down (usually occurs when a player hits Traffic from behind), while simply brushing against Traffic is called Traffic Control. Driving extremely closely to Traffic without brushing against or hitting it while at high speeds is considered a Near Miss. Players may knock down Traffic during a wreck, but this does not count as a Traffic Down. However, if the car wreck touches a Traffic vehicle without damaging it, the player will perform a Traffic Control.

Nevada Edit


A delivery truck in Nevada


A minivan in Nevada

Traffic vehicles are either small four-door cars, pickup trucks, or large delivery trucks, with or without the box. Traffic in the tunnels are harder to avoid, and might not be seen until it's too late.

Tokyo Edit

Traffic vehicles appear as small four-door cars and large blue buses in the city area, and delivery trucks as you enter the harbor. There is also a stationary bus which you can jump over via a ramp.

Iceland / Venice Edit


A stretch Limousine in Venice


A bus in Iceland

Traffic vehicles appear as small cars as well as the occasional delivery truck, bus, and pickup truck. Venice also features Limousines. As of the Championship Update, traffic has been permanently removed from Iceland.

The Great Wall / Barcelona / Dubai Edit


A taxi in Barcelona

Traffic vehicles appear as small cars and the occasional bus. Barcelona also includes it's own unique taxi and stretch limousines.

London Edit


A london bus in London

London has typical cars and limousines well as special double-decker buses and London Cabbies. As of the Championship Update, and possibly owing to recent real-life vehicular tragedies surrounding London, traffic has been permanently removed from this track.

Alps Edit

The Alps have typical cars, pickup trucks, and buses. Beware of avalanches, as they are hard to see through and raise the risk of of hitting Traffic.

Azure Coast Edit

The Azure Coast has the regular cars and buses. One part of the track has racers pass through a trio of stationary buses, similar to that of Tokyo. In the Exclusive Metal Events, these buses are removed altogether.

San Diego Harbor Edit

Traffic is unique in being armored vehicles and tanks, adding to the military atmosphere. Despite their appearance, these vehicles are just as easy to knock down.

Tenerife Edit

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Area 51 Edit

Traffic includes armored vehicles and tanks in the actual research base. Outside of that, normal traffic cars appear.

Rio de Janeiro Edit

During multi-lap races, trams can appear on tram tracks and act as traffic vehicles. At the festival part of the track, there are interactive stationary buses (only in Ipanema Showdown and Rapido Park), even in Multiplayer races.

Patagonia Edit

There is no traffic on this trackMm

Munich Subway Edit

There is no traffic on this track,except for the trains which can only be Near Missed

Asphalt Overdrive Edit

Traffic plays an important role in Asphalt Overdrive. They can be taken down by steering your car and ramming their sides, making them spin out of control. They can add to your points and "Destruction" races require traffic Knockdowns. They can also be taken out by ramming their rear, but doing so will severely slow down your car. Attempting to rear ram a big vehicle (such as trucks) will wreck your car. A tip during loading times says "Don't feel guilty when you hit traffic. The traffic drivers are invicible!". Traffic varies from civilian 2-door or 4-door cars, to pickups, to vans, to trucks and busses.

Asphalt Nitro Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • At Tokyo right after the starting line there is a red bus which appears in all modes except Multiplayer. In the reverse version of the track there is a small ramp with three police cars lined up (giving players a chance of near misses or traffic knockdowns) which however still remains in Multiplayer.
  • Near the end of the second lap in the Alps, a group of traffic can be seen being caught in the path of an oncoming avalanche. Despite traffic being disabled for Multiplayer, this is still seen and players can drive through the traffic without being wrecked.
  • Rarely, traffic may spawn right in front of the player in Alps, instantly causing a wreck.
  • Before the Italy update, long time before in Asphalt Nitro's files there was a hidden car file named "car_traffic_car" along with the rest of the game's cars. Traffic now appears for the first time in the game, in Italy only though.

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