Tuning Kit
Alfa Romeo 4C MAX+PRO+TK (MPH)
A MAX+PRO Alfa Romeo 4C with a Tuning Kit in Asphalt 8: Airborne.
Type Booster
Effects Enhances the performance of all playable vehicles by up to a maximum of 30% (27.5% when maxed out) in every upgrade category (Acceleration, Top Speed, Handling, and Nitro) for a limited period of time.
Duration 15 minutes
Source Buying with Credits
Winning cups
Finishing certain collections
Cost to buy A varying number of Credits, depending on the level of the player:
  • Minimum: A8Credits 4,000
  • Maximum: A8Credits 10,000
Boosters in Asphalt 8: Airborne
Double Credits
Extra Tank
Nitro Starter
Tuning Kit

The Tuning Kit is a performance-enhancing booster introduced in Asphalt 8: Airborne. It also appears in Asphalt Nitro.

Usage Edit

The Tuning Kit can be used before the race using a powerup selection before starting a race (if you don't have one, it costs a number of Credits to activate one, depending on your level). Each unit lasts about 15 minutes. During this period, it upgrades every aspect of every car you own by adding an extra level to all current upgrade levels of the car. A maximum of a 30% performance boost can be achieved; when maxed out, this number is decreased to 27.5%. This powerup can be replenished by winning cups or finishing certain collections.

If the Tuning Kit boost is activated, a boost icon will appear in the main menu along with a timer indicating how long the boost will last. A timer will also appear on the Boosts-screen indicating the remaining time of the activated boost.

The Tuning Kit bonus is calculated as (assuming the car is already maxed out):


Where (these are calculated using the metric system)...

  • H9 = Top Speed (MAX)
  • H10 = Top Speed (MAX+Tuning Kit)
  • H12 = Top Speed (MAX+PRO)
  • P9 = Nitro (MAX)
  • P10 = Nitro (MAX+Tuning Kit)
  • P12 = Nitro (MAX+PRO)

Trivia Edit

  • The Renault DeZir earns the highest Tuning Kit bonus with 128 points, beating the Ford F-150's 95 points, with only a 33 point difference between the two. All the other cars receive a kit bonus smaller than these two. Thus, the sub-Class A cars receive the highest average kit bonus, while the Class A and Class S cars have the least bonus.
  • Highest Tuning Kit bonuses for each class:
  • Lowest Tuning Kit bonuses for each class:
  • The Arash AF10 only awards 18 points with a tuning kit, the lowest of any car in the game.
  • As of the Dubai update and Winter update, the tuning kits have been changed significantly. For example, Tuning Kits applied on a maxed out McLaren P1 (Rank 1611/1611) now award it with only 33 points, making it 1644, as opposed to the pre-Dubai update's bonus of 50 points.
    • Also, when maxed out, Tuning Kits only award +27.5% of each aspect to the car, as opposed to 35% before the Dubai update.
  • Three boosters (Double Credits, Nitro Starter (simply called "Nitro" at that time), and Tuning Kit) were added in Update 1 in November 2013, when the game was made freemium and a new car was added along with Time-Limited Events and customizable controls. (source 1, source 2)
  • In earlier stages of the game (around February 2014), the Tuning Kit powerups received as trophies in the Time-Limited Events lasted for 8 hours. At that time the Nitro Starter would last for 2 hours and Extra Tank for 4 hours. So, Tuning Kit powerups' duration has been reduced to 1/32 of the original values (a ~96.9 % reduction in duration), and Nitro Starter powerups' duration has been reduced to 1/12 of the original values (a ~91.7 % reduction in duration).
  • The cost of one booster minute before and after the latest booster update:
    Old Nitro Starter: 15,000 credits / 120 min = 125 credits/minute
    New Nitro Starter: 7,500 credits / 10 min = 750 credits/minute

    Old Tuning Kit: 40,000 credits / 480 min = 83.33 credits/minute
    New Tuning Kit: 10,000 credits / 15 min = 666.67 credits/minute
    The cost of one Nitro Starter booster minute has increased by 600 % and the price of one Tuning Kit minute has increased by ~800 %.
    Source: Touch Arcade: Universal Asphalt 8: Airborne - (by Gameloft), page 1317 (the duration of the Nitro Starter in the calculations on that page is (erroneously) stated as 15 min).
  • After The Great Wall update was released in March 2014, the 2 hour Nitro Starter cost 9,000 Credits and the 8 hour Tuning Kit cost 24,000 Credits (source: YouTube (rrvirus): Asphalt 8: Airborne v1.3.0 (The Great Wall Update) [@ 1:09]). Compared to the the price level roughly a year later, the annual average inflation rate for Nitro Starter is 900 % and the annual average inflation rate for Tuning Kit is ~1233 %.
    • Nitro Starter: 75 credits / minute → 750 credits / minute = 900 % annual average inflation rate = the prices are doubled every 3⅔ months.
    • Tuning Kit: 50 credits / minute → 666.67 credits / minute = ~1233 % annual average inflation rate = the prices are doubled every 3.26 months.
      • This rate is well above the limits of hyperinflation, and in real life numbers like these would cause major difficulties in the economies in question.
  • A car that has been upgraded to Level 4 on all aspects and has a Tuning Kit on will behave exactly the same as a car with maxed out stats and no Tuning Kit.
    • This is assuming that Pro Kits aren't applied.
  • In Infected mode, Tuning Kits increase the car's top speed when infected, but the infected speed bonus is still 22.183 mph (35.714 km/h).
Boosters in Asphalt 8: Airborne
Double CreditsExtra TankNitro StarterTuning Kit

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