In case you may have not noticed, I have made major changes to the wiki.


A8CarNavbox: This is now the new Asphalt 8 car navbox template that replaces the previous "Vehicles of Asphalt 8" one, which now redirects to the new A8CarNavbox template. All pages that use the old template now transclude to the new template, so make sure to change those pages to use the new template in order to avoid template redirects on pages The new navbox is now also themed to the game's red and black colors, just like with the A8 track navbox.

NewCarInfobox: I have made more changes to it, including the addition of icons related to certain parameters and country flags to further identify the car's country of origin (e.g. a McLaren car is a British car and the infobox shows the UK flag next to the brand's name). I am trying to change it so that if it detects that no image has been inserted, it will pull up this image as a placeholder: ImagePlaceholder.png.

As for the NewCarInfobox and how it now looks, I took inspiration from LeMansRacer, who runs the Forza and NFS Wikis and has created the best portable infoboxes I have ever seen. We can take advice from him when creating infoboxes.

Car Categories: Cars are now categorized by year, country of origin, car type(s) (e.g. production, hypercar), engine displacement, engine aspiration, engine type (e.g. V8), power, torque, drivetrain, and weight.

Possible Higher Opportunities for Me

Ever since joining this wiki in June 2016, I have made (at the time of writing this) more than 6,400 edits. I am active almost daily.

But, here are the problems I have observed myself:

  • Most pages regarding earlier or spinoff Asphalt games are still not yet covered with enough detail.
  • There are so many files/pages that are unused and in dire need of deletion. Just check out the category "Candidates for deletion" for more. Unfortunately, no one is willing to delete them, and if only I could delete them since I would be and am willing to do so.

I have been of great service to this wiki, so could this mean I may be promoted? Maybe or maybe not. I mean, I would love to start deleting unused files and unnecessary pages, as well as give the wiki a new background image (the one of the Vipers and Sesto in Tokyo has been getting boring – we could use an image from Asphalt Xtreme).

This Wiki's To-Do List

  • Complete the decal and color customization pages for the rest of the cars.
  • Fill in the token upgrade prices for the Lamborghini Egoista, Lamborghini Huracán, Renault DeZir, Acura NSX 2005, and Peugeot SR1.
  • Create more appropriately-colored navboxes.
  • Delete the files and pages listed in the "Candidates for deletion" category. If no one is willing to delete them, then I should be in the position to delete them.

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