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I want them to add the Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 (added), Aston Martin One-77(added), All-New Chevrolet Camaro (Added), Gumpert Apollo S, Zenvo ST1, Porsche 918 Spyder (It does not added to another part of RUF said DerrickMa5), Koenigsegg Regera, Aston Martin Vulcan (Added), Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 SV (Added), Lamborghini Reventon, Ferrari FXX-K, Ford GT 2017 and Saleen S7.We need to add Dodge Charger Hellcat (in the class A with a strong nitro boost, has been on Asphalt Streetstorm.)

I wish they could add a Hennessey Venom F5 (comment on what should be added) talk on comment section. I think they should also add a Mclaren F1 (added it was XP-5) and a Vector Avtech WX8 Hypercar. Include new soundtracks such as Knife Party: Rage valley and more soundtracks and artists. Include hidden cars ingame such as Saleen S7 Twin Turbo as the last class A Car with strong nitro but weak handling, and a Ferrari 458 Speciale (being replaced by the 488 GTB) along with 2016 Mercedes AMG GT as the Last b class car that surpasses the Chevrolet SS, I want to see the GT by Citroen or "Citroën GT By Citroën" (Added). However, the final cars in Class B in 2017.

I want to see the Noble M600 (Class A, high top speed but short nitro boost,simular to the RUF RT12 S). Include the Lamborghini Diablo, Mitsubishi Ex Concept Eletric Crossover, Lotec Sirius (to replace the Ferrari 330 P4), TVR Cerbera Speed 12, Rolls Royce Ghost, and the Caparo T1 (Class B, better handling than P4 and Biome), and the Lada Raven (Prefferably rank A or S, Very high top speed, 520kph, decent nitro and good grip. Maybe bad acceleration or handling to counteract top speeds.)

I want to see the Opel Monza Concept, Aston Martin Vulcan (Added), Mclaren P14, Porsche 911(991) Turbo S, the NEW Ford GT as well as the NEW Acura NSX, Honda Intergra Type R (Added), but also the Cvic Type R, and finally the new Koenigsegg Regera (all of these are amazing cars very spectacular to look at and will most likely be placed in the A or S class, should they make it into the game respectively).

I want Asphalt 8 added Mercedes SLR McLaren, Mercedes SLR McLaren Stirling Moss, Lexus LFA, Team Galag TG1(In The Class S), Fahlke Larea GT1 S12, Spyker C8 Spyder, Lamborghini Miura (Added), and Renault Alpine A-110-50.

, Tesla Roadster, Abarth 500SS, Bentley Hunaudieres, Saleen S5S Raptor, Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport Concept, Nissan 2020 Vision Gran Turismo Concept (There no vision GT to make here said DerrickMa5) (But there only one looks like it. (It Volkswagen Design Vision GTI but different than the Supersport, Subaru Impreza WRX STI (a new one), Mazda RX Vision Concept, Koenigsegg CC8S, Koenigsegg CCXR, Koenigsegg CCX Trevita, BMW 1-series M, Porsche Cayman R.

I want the Aston Martin AM-RB 001.


Lamborghini Reventon.


These are the only few

♦ Brazil - Rio (including statue with bright blue and deep blue colors set at night). Tomorrow, because Asphalt said to be at day. However, this name will be called as Rio De Janiero again, since around Asphalt 7: Heat or Asphalt 6. (Added, Rio)

♦ Sydney - Night time, include driving on Harbour Bridge, Traffic and hidden roads.

♦ Los Angeles Airport - Bright Morning and possibly a new game mode , Police chase.

♦ Mexico City - Dim dark blue lights and include freeways and include golden angel.

♦ Paris - At night dim blue colors and secret locations.

♦ New Delhi - Include racers racing past India Gate as special landmark.

♦ Russia - Night dim bright city lights with a involvement of Moscow, St Basils Cathedral and the country side.

♦ Times Square - Advertisements and gleaming billboards. Make parody's of famous brands like: Coca Cola, Budweiser and Disney

Singapore - Daylight wits traffic and lots of obstacles. Across Changi Airport and many paths. Long straights and many tight curves. Suitable for cars like Mclaren 675LT, K1, Ferrari 330 P4 and Felino CB7.

♦ Nepal/Northern India - The Himalayas - A track set entirely in the mountains. Track features could include - 1) Steep drops (so lots of air time to do tricks and gain nitro), 2) Sharp curves (even more than Monaco), 3) Multiple alternate routes (so different track names for each), 4) Drive through an ICE cave because we already have regular caves in Tenerife and Iceland, 5) A single, very long straight road (overall, this track will be a little big, taking about 1 minute and ~10 seconds to finish with the top S class cars on the shortest route; longer routes can take over 90 seconds with S class cars).

Antartica/South Pole - Gameloft should add Antartica Instead of Sector 8 But I Like the sector 8 But I think it was supposed to add Antartica Because Winter Tracks Like Alps and Iceland Are better; Antartica is a track that has high slopes as the Walls And a new Ice Ramp Added Because Antartica and North Pole Is Pure Winter; The Details of ice Ramp Are :

  • Both upper sides are filled with snow
  • The Ramp Is Covered With Ice
  • The Stander for the Ramp is also ice

Also a New Effect Called "Snow Dust" the effect appears when you Land after a stunt It will smoke a snow, And water is replaced with ice.

My suggestions (my rules; one city for every continent with some back-ups, no cities that have been used in Asphalt 7 or 8):

  • San Francisco (North America): Yes, I am biased, as it is my hometown. But come on, the Golden Gate Bridge, Lombard Street (The Crookedest Street in the World) and some awesome downtown buildings. Alternatives: Chicago, with a chance to ramp onto the El and great downtown buildings). Toronto (with a chance to jump over the or Vancouver are also great possibilities. But also I want the trains with traffic too.
  • Buenos Aires (Central and South America plus the Carribean): Cobblestone streets in downtown, the Casa Rosada (Pink House, the Presidential Palace) a jump over Iguazu falls [I realize that geographically it might be a bit of a stretch, but it would still be spectacular]. Alternatives: Cuzco/Machu Pichu in Peru, Panama City/Panama Canal, San Juan (including the iconic fort) Montserrat or any other neat Caribbean Island
  • Frankfurt (or anywhere in Germany) (Europe): The autobahn, enough said. Basically, a long, gently curving, fast track. Alternatives: Vienna (bridging and jumping over the Danube), Santorini in Greece (iconic white houses with blue roofs), Istambul, including a rooftop track over the market, a jump over the Bosphorus, or the Croatian coast.
  • Cairo (Africa): Obviously with a detour into the pyramids and the Sphynx. A nice desert track, plus some tough winding roads in downtown cairo. This would be a track that would require an all-around good vehicle, one that has good long nitro for the desert straightaways and good handling for the city. Alternatives: Lagos, Nigeria, Cape Town South Africa (with a great ocean drive plus a cool city), Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Bangkok, Thailand (Asia): Another crowded city that would favor cars with good handling. Alternatives: Mumbai, India, Bali, Indonesia, Kathmandu, Nepal (great mountain setting), or Manilla, Philippines.
  • Sydney, Australia (Pacific): The iconic theater, the Harbour... could be awesome. Alternatives: Aukland, NZ, Hobart, Tasmania, (Australia), Tahiti, Fiji, or any other South Pacific island, and Alice Springs/Ayer's Rock, Australia.
  • Beijing's night track featuring the famous night market. An alternative would be Shanghai.

There should be an update with at least 3 new tracks (and I don't mean one track with different routes like London and The Great Wall). My ideas are Hilo, Hawaii; Rome, Italy; Auckland, New Zealand; New Orleans or Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Iceland #2 (this time add a volcano, dawn); and Germany (anywhere in Germany).

Multiplayer ImprovementsEdit

1) Online versus mode with other players as friends or random racers.

2) Add a feature that players can sell unused cards for a profit such as engines or common tools to other players around the world to make extra money for them and help players reach there required level of pro in cars.

3) VERY IMPORTANT FEATURE : Make two SEPARATE rooms: A) A room WITH boosters and B) A room WITH NO boosters.

4) Include joinable games with friends from Facebook and or Google+. New Gang or group races to be the greatest gang in asphalt.

5) The next update MUST HAVE the new game options as listed above.A new map from the above ideas is optional.

6). A card trading system needs to be established. Here's how it would work. If you get a card you do not need you can trade it on the Speed Market and other players will be able to set a price for the need of that specific card. You will be able to trade up to 4 cards a day.

7). Card crafting: The ability to upgrade cards in to cards that you want to get, for example V6 cards to V8, early tec to initial tech and ect. Ect.

8). And also High Tech Kits When you finished upgrading your cars with pro kits, the first one costs 1.000 Tokens And another costs 2,500 Tokens there are two types.

- Ultimate Pro Kits (Level 2 of Pro Kits) Costs 1,000 When upgraded: Items:

Pro Wheels, Pro Engines, Pro Intake, Pro Exhaust, Pro Auto-Transmission, Pro Drivetrain and Pro Tires

- Champion Pro Kits (Level 3 of Pro Kits) Costs 1.000 When upgraded Pro Kits Items:

Ultimate Wheels,Ultimate Body Kits,Ultimate Auto-Transmission,Ultimate Engine,Ultimate Exhaust,Ultimate Drivetrain,Ultimate Intake and Ultmate Tires

9). NEW car tournament with Amazing Prizes several players facing each other and race one on one if a player loses then they lose the tournament and the player that wins can move on top prizes should be 2500 tokens , 50 license , 200 thousand coins , engine cards and decals

Car improvementsEdit

1) New tire customization such as in colors in rims and car brakes. Rim colors in Black , Gold , white and silver. Brake pad colors should be white , black , and red. Rims would be awesome to use it for custom colors too.

2) New game mode: Police mode and/or a good name like Nitrous Escape. Discovery's of secret cars or limited time events or more 5,000 player division or 500 player division. Police mode (Chase) and Nitrous Escape (Escape) is going add to the game Asphalt 9: Shockwave.

3) Custom car improvements between a new frame with carbon fiber that should cost 20,000-600,000 credits depending the car class and rank it should improve speed, acceleration and handling. But carbon fiber would be like a tuner car.

4)Cheap upgrades and cars some. But think about the price of car and upgrades and even pro kits to be expensive.

5) Include a car roulette. This means(every day) you choose a car of your choice to buy for free. MUST REQUIRE INTERNET.

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