Win Streaks are an element of multiplayer introduced in a 2013 update along with the Daily Bonus system. The Win Streak system rewards winning racers by awarding them with special prizes for each successive win. Once a player has won 9 games in a row they are rewarded with the highest prize, and then the process will repeat itself.

Prizes Edit

The successive prizes vary, but these are some typical rewards you should expect to win-

  • 3 wins - A8Credits 1,250
  • 5 wins - A8Credits 2,500
  • 7 wins - A8Credits 5,000 or 1x Class D Upgrade
  • 9 wins - A8Credits 7,500 or 1x Class C Upgrade. Occasionally you can also win a 1x free nitro starter, although this is uncommon--no more 7,500 credits and a free nitro starter is quite common June 2015.

After 9 consecutive wins, or if you lose a race (finish in fourth through eighth place) you will be forced back to square one.

If the player leaves the multiplayer menu in their 6th win, the Class D upgrade will very likely change it to 5,000 credits while a Class C upgrade will change into a free nitro starter.

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